More Ridiculous Stats

There are a lot of them today…

1). Jamie Moyer won his 250th game the other night, making him the 44th pitcher to ever reach the mark–and just the 11th left-hander.  That means that there have only been 10 left-handed pitchers in the HISTORY OF BASEBALL to have more wins than Jamie Moyer.  That’s ridiculous.  What is even more ridiculous is to think that one more win and he will be tied with…..BOB GIBSON!  What?!?  Would anyone believe that Bob Gibson and Jamie Moyer would have the same number of wins? 

2). The Padres had a recent 10-game hitting streak, in which they hit .197.  According to the Elias Sports Bureau, they won the first 7 games without getting more than 7 hits in any one of those games–no team had ever done that before.

3). All 10 of the Padres wins in the winning streak came at home.  Ironically, they had a simultaneous 10-game road LOSING streak.  That’s ridiculous that one team can have simulataneous 10-game winning and losing streaks and home and away.

4). The Yankees just played their 18th consecutive errorless game last night–a new Major League record.  Not coincidentally, they are 14-4 in that stretch.  I think a lot of the credit for the defensive turnaround has to go to Mark Teixiera.  That guy is AMAZING at first base.  Speaking from a former shortstop, a good defensive firstbaseman makes everything easier for the other infielders (thanks, Bonz).  Throwing the ball across the diamond is as mental as it is physical and if you do not feel like you have to hit the guy in the chest every time, everything is more relaxed and you actually hit him in the chest more often–if that makes any sense.

5). The Dodgers have averaged more runs per game WITHOUT Manny Ramirez than they had with him in the lineup.  They have EIGHT guys with 20 RBIs already.  A lot of it has to do with Juan Pierre, who is hitting like .420 in Manny’s stead.

6). Rick Porcello became the first pitcher in 25 years to win 5 consecutive starts before he was legally allowed to drink.  The last one to do it?  Doc Gooden.  Porcello is, already, a bonafied Major League pitcher and probably the #2 guy, behind Verlander, on a legit contender in Detroit.

7). Joe Mauer, in 28 games, has 11 home runs–just two shy of his career high FOR A SEASON.  This guy was a stud before he started hitting for power, but now he is literally one of the game’s three or four best players.  And, I am very glad he is having this power surge after the Steroid Era because, as I opined earlier, he is my #1 least likely guy in the majors to be on the juice.

8). Ivo Karlovic’s 55 aces in his first round loss to Lleyton Hewitt were, as of last round, still enough for him to lead the French Open without playing another match.  I know, I know, you are all probably sick of hearing me talk about tennis, but I don’t really care.  I think this goes to show you three things:  (1) Karlovic is one of the best servers on tour, (2) Karlovic has one of the worst all-around games on tour because he can get 55 aces on clay and still lose the match, and (3) Lleyton Hewitt, formerly one of the game’s all-time best at returning serve, may be staring at the end of his great, great career.

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